Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Client Side Session Timeout Management

After login if the user is idle for long time then show him a modal window with a count down timer and 2 buttons one for continue and another for logout.


1. At the ime of page load a timer will be invoked and it will execute at every 10 sec (you can set it by your own).
2. At every movement of mouse or click or keyborad press it will track the last action time on that page.
3. On the basis of last action performed it will calculate the idle time and if the idle time is greater than warning time then it will show the message box.
4. If user remain inactive then after count down it will atomatically take the user to logout page.
5. If user clicks continue then session will be stay active and it will send a request at server side to wake up server session also.


Direct Install in your project:
PM> Install-Package ClientSideSessionTimeout

Written in a text file inside Instruction folder, you can get this after installing.

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